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What our clients say

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“ESG Strategy objectively analysed where we sit compared to other retailers. They understand what counts from the point of view of investors and the market and they readily identified what we should change. Crucially they also identified what we are involved in that may sound good but doesn't necessarily make a big difference. ESG Strategy helped us prioritise what we should focus on from both regulatory and consumer perspectives. We are much clearer on priorities now and where we should focus our attention. Lee Stewart presented a new strategy to the Board and added value by guiding Board members on external reading so that they could upskill and understand better the operating context for business sustainability, particularly from a legislative perspective.


“What I like about Lee is his pragmatism. Our business is fairly lean. He delivers the strategy and is helping out with directing and writing the actual policies too,”

Andrew Scott,


Briscoe Group

“DETA partnered with ESG Strategy to support a key manufacturing client with a sustainability strategy. Their adept sustainability experience coupled well with our own technical expertise, creating a seamless project team.


The client's response was overwhelmingly positive, resonating across every facet of the journey - from the meticulous materiality assessment to the interactive executive workshop and culminating in the comprehensive final report and their strategy outline on a page.


Our partnership with ESG Strategy will be key as we continue to develop and deliver sustainability outcomes across New Zealand business, and we wholeheartedly endorse their exceptional approach and results.”

Jeff Smit,

GM Business Development & Strategy

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“ESG Strategy played a pivotal role in enlightening our board and undertaking comprehensive on-site evaluations of our hotel operations in Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa, regions particularly susceptible to the impacts of climate change and having limited waste management capacity.

What particularly stood out to us was their pragmatic approach and their dedicated commitment to in-depth exploration and research. In the instance of Tonga, waste emerged as a crucial concern, and ESG Strategy's hands-on engagement with the waste authority, along with their direct observation of landfill operations, has given us invaluable insights.


This firsthand experience has empowered them to guide us in formulating an effective waste and circular economy initiative for our hotels, solidifying their contribution as both informed and actionable. We hold their distinctive methodology and curiosity approach in high regard and are appreciative of the positive strides achieved through their involvement.”

Rohit Reddy,

Managing Director Reddy Group & Tonoa Hotels

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