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Join Book Launch Team

I’m so excited to share that my anticipated book, “How to Build Sustainability into Your Business Strategy”, is almost ready to launch. It’s been three years in the making, and I’ve poured more than two decades of my experience in strategic sustainability practice into crafting a guide that I hope will be invaluable to you.


The book is now in final production and due for release in August 2024. The initial read reviews have been much better than I have expected and I am looking forward to its release. Here are some early comments.


“I wish Lee had written this book 25 years ago when I was a budding young sustainability manager in a large corporate. It would have saved us a lot of wasted effort to have had this totally comprehensive (and yet tightly written) how-to guide on hand, rather than to make it up as we did.” James Shaw, Operating Partner Morrison and Ex Climate Change Minister for New Zealand.


“Lee has simplified and synthesised decades of practical sustainability knowledge and practice to provide an accessible and informative guide.” Amanda Steele, Group Executive Head of Property ISPT 

“Lee shows with brilliant clarity that corporate sustainability is not about applying one of the many and constantly multiplying 'frameworks' or ticking boxes on ESG questionnaires; it is fundamentally a pursuit of greater purpose where your success is measured by the partners, collaborators and allies you can marshal along the way and the real-world outcomes your company delivers as a result”. Pablo Buruti, Co-Founder, Managing Director Altiorem.


“A practical, comprehensive, and highly readable book for business leaders looking to integrate sustainability into their business written by a seasoned professional. A key resource for sustainability professionals”. Mike Burrell, CEO Sustainable Business Council of New Zealand.

Now is the exciting time of getting ready for the book launch and this is where I would appreciate your help to join the team to make sure the launch is a success.  By joining the team you can get early access to the book, exclusive content, and invitations to special events that won’t be available to the general public.

Here’s what joining the team offers you:


Get a head start and dive into the book before it hits the shelves. You’ll gain insights from my decades of experience in the field of sustainability, helping you to enhance your corporate ESG strategy.


Enjoy content that I’ve reserved just for our club members. This includes behind-the-scenes updates, exclusive Q&A sessions with me, and more, giving you a deeper understanding of the processes and principles behind sustainable business practices.


Connect with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about integrating sustainability into business. Our community is a great place to discuss ideas, share experiences, and support each other in our sustainability goals.


Be the first to receive invitations to our book launch parties and other special events. We have exciting plans for gatherings later this year across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Auckland, Wellington, Fiji, and Tonga.

What I need from you?  When the book is ready to be launched, I will be asking for you to provide an honest review on Amazon. Don’t worry I will be providing you with all the relevant information nearer the time.

Also, if you know of anyone that you think could benefit from this book then please invite them to also join the team.


I look forward to welcoming you into our community and hopefully seeing you in person at one of the events we will be planning.

Kind regards,

Lee Stewart

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