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How To Build Sustainability Into Your Business Strategy emphasises the importance of sustainability in business today, taking a pragmatic, step-by-step approach to guiding leaders through the development and adoption of best practice strategies for sustainable business success.  

Three years in the writing, and building on 20+ years industry experience, the book introduces the Triple C Framework (Confidence, Commitment, and Consistency) and a fourth "C", Courage, as integral components of a successful corporate sustainability journey. 

Throughout, Lee shares his personal experiences in sustainability, which will help inspire and motivate readers. He also acknowledges the challenges in this journey and encourages leaders to persevere in the face of adversity.

How To Build Sustainability Into Your Business Strategy breaks down the often daunting and complex elements of corporate sustainability best practice. 

Within, you'll quickly learn how to prepare, define your objectives and targets, and assign roles and responsibilities across your organisation. 

You'll also learn how best to integrate sustainability into broad-reaching business operations, how to communicate and get buy-in at the Board level, and how to develop your program for ongoing continuous improvement and adaptation as the market landscape evolves. 

Taking a sustainable approach to business activity is no longer a nice-to-have sideline. Demanded by customers, essential for supply chain connections and requisite for future growth, now is the time to develop your corporate ESG plans. 

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